About Us

Welcome to Albesta Academy. We raise champions here!

In ALBESTA Academy, we provide a holistic, all-encompassing education that is second to none, with practical Christian values that would solve all the short falls in academic, social and moral education as witnessed in our society today, having successfully achieved this during my forty (40) years of teaching and school administrative experience in both public and private schools.

Our school is unique and outstanding in many ways: the spiritual edification, good morals, pastoral care received from God-fearing house parents and teachers, balanced diet, sporting, recreational and club activities, guidance and counseling unit etc., lay the foundation of a sound mind in a sound body, which boosts a highly receptive, alert and intelligent brain.

We raise confident and valuable children who are rare like diamond, and motivated to continually strive for quality and greater academic achievement without comprising integrity while maintaining high level of discipline, zero tolerance for bullying and examination malpractices.

Hands-on practical and interactive teaching, e-learning equipment, e-library, Student Portal, language studio, science laboratories, ICT room, vocational workshops, entrepreneurial and trade courses are available for students to independently work with to make them self-reliant and globally competitive.

We run a broad based Nigerian and British curriculum by building students’ reading culture to achieve distinction galore in several subjects including English Language and Mathematics in BECE, WASSCE, NECO_SSCE and IGCSE examinations respectively. We groom students on how to tackle questions confidently in any examinations. They therefore pick up any external syllabus and face the examination on their own to excel, such as; SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, UTME and POST UTME to universities.

Our Student Portal enables parents to view their children’s work and monitor their performances at school, receiving every current information about them from anywhere they are through the internet. This enhances parents’ confidence in releasing their children or wards to be admitted to our school from all over the world. As of now, we have students from U.K, U.S.A, Congo and several states in Nigeria.

Our JS 1, JS 2, SS 1 and SS 2 students are participating in the Lagos State Unified Examination for private schools in order to key into the new laudable programme of the Ministry of Education Quality Assurance for grading schools. In February 2016, a general school inspection was carried out by the Lagos State Quality Assurance team, inspecting all aspects of school life; supervising and observing teachers teaching using teaching aids in their different subject areas. Also, the Quality Assurance team inspected the cleanliness of the environment, security post and the safety of the students, the healthcare facilities up to the lavatories, the kitchen and boarding facilities, qualification of teachers and administrative officers, our compliance with rules and records, community, government and our corporate social responsibility. The inspectors came to a conclusion and declared that our school, ALBESTA Academy is an outstanding school as the grade.

“Seest thou a man diligent in his ways, he will stand before kings and not before mean men” (Proverb 22:29) – our students are future presidents and leaders worldwide.