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It is a very old saying that good quality interaction is something that benefits both the parties. Therefore, some of the good schools in around are adopting interactive learning approaches, that, when combined with the digital learning aids and techniques, become a powerful tool for teaching as well as knowledge acquiring.

In fact, interactive learning in schools has gained such a momentum that all the schools across the whole nation are opting for interactive learning based teaching tools and aids. There are various characteristics of interactive learning that make it one of the best teaching techniques. Some of the most crucial benefits of interactive education are:

1.Flexibility in teaching

2. Natural student motivation

3. student accomplishments that are measurable and evident

4. Enhancement of the learning process

At Albesta Academy offer interactive learning approach. What makes this whole process of interaction based learning so effective and so popular is that it is really simple and helps all kind of learners. For example, instead of giving the students an assignment of writing an essay on ‘the downsides of technological advancements’ it is a better method to organize a classroom debate session with different groups having different perspectives.

The following post will be reflecting on the various benefits of interactive learning so that you can choose the best schools in  for your wards.

Benefits of Interactive Learning:

Breaking away from the stereotypes:

Who said that the boring notebooks are the only ones that can generate smart students?? The answer is no one. Interactive learning has broken a lot of stereotypes related to the conventional method of teaching and knowledge requiring. Many new schools in Thrissur these days have been offering interactive notebooks to the students, in which students learn and acquire knowledge through various activities such as coloring, pasting and printing et cetera.

Developing Critical Thinking:

With all the information readily available on the internet, mugging up all the facts has become much of an obsolete part of acquiring knowledge. Therefore, good teachers always try to work on developing the critical thinking of the students; and most of the classroom activities are revolving around the single aim of developing critical thinking. Debates, extempore, group discussions, case studies, and 2-minute speeches – the interactive learning has become so popular and such an important part of a curriculum that the students as small as 4 or 5 years of age are participating in all these activities and exploring new avenues of education every day.

Not Just the Three Rs:

The times have changed like a lot, and just having a good command over reading, writing, and arithmetic is not at all enough to pave a strong foundation towards a promising career. The interactive learning comes with lots of activities and tasks that actually test the knowledge base of the students and motivates them to learn new things every day. The students don’t have to form a mental picture when they read about a voltaic cell they can actually make one and witness the detailed working of the same via an online video. Our school offer audiovisual based learning aids that allow the students to interact with the teacher and witness the actual implementation of the concepts and theories at the same time.

Interest Developing from an early age:

The interactive learning allows the students to develop their educational and learning preferences since a younger age. Therefore, when they advance towards the Higher Learning and develop career preferences, they already have a clear cut picture inside their minds about the profession they want to opt for and the kind of education that would be required in the process.

No need for tuitions:

Though the need of having tuitions for different subjects cannot be obliterated completely the interactive learning has made the whole scenario of learning highly easy. The students can learn as well as ask the questions to the teacher in the classrooms only. They don’t have to wait for the tuitions or extra classes to get their doubts clarified.


The interactive learning comes with the interactive brainstorming sessions that include reverse thinking, negative thinking, group relationship, online interactions, and teamwork-based learning and tasks and structured as well as unstructured thinking and knowledge acquiring.

Albesta Academy offers the best learning opportunities that come with the digital learning and interactive learning and is undoubtedly the best one among all the schools in Lagos to get your wards an experience at a quality education.